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Master Gardeners enhance Colorado communities through outreach, education and environmental stewardship.

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Application Information

Thanks for considering the Colorado Master Gardener (CMG) Apprentice program. Apprentices are our CMG’s in training.

What to know before you apply:

2022 APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED. Check back in Fall 2022 for our next round of applications.

Like all programs, we have a few things you should consider if you’d like to apply.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to apply.
  • If you’re accepted into a program, there are training fees your first year and dues ($25-35 in most counties) required every subsequent year.
  • We do offer financial need-based scholarships (reducing your fee to $100). Details are in the application.
  • Initial horticulture training requires 80% minimum class completion, attending weekly live reviews plus passing the final exam with 70% or better.
  • Your apprentice year requires 50 hours minimum volunteer time in your county/area CMG program by the end of the program year (October 31st).
  • Our program does allow for a 2-year apprenticeship option, requiring 60 hours of volunteer service over a 2-year period and successful completion of all other requirements. This must be pre-approved by your local county staff.

What to know about the application:

  • Applications are offered online. (A hardcopy may be obtained from your local county if needed.)
  • Know your local county name and if they are training in the year you’re applying for.
  • Not all counties accept CMG Apprentices every year! Contact your county for more information.
  • Application deadlines vary by county. If your county is not listed in the online application, then your county is not currently accepting applicants.
  • Note: Jefferson County is not accepting applications at this time. Boulder County is only accepting a very limited number of apprentices due to extenuating circumstances.
  • We require 3 named references. Have your references’ names, phone numbers and emails handy when you apply.
  • CSU requires all volunteers are background checked. Information is in the application.
  • The application will take 30-60 minutes to complete and must be done in one sitting online.
  • We require future and current volunteers familiarize themselves with CSU’s policies and guidelines:

What to expect after submitting your application:

  • Your local county program coordinator or Horticulture agent will be in touch.
  • Interviews are required by most counties and are scheduled locally. Volunteer interviews are standard to assess commitment, strengths and interests each applicant will bring to the program.
  • Acceptance into a program is at the discretion of the local county staff and all volunteers must pass a criminal background check.
  • Background checks are also initiated and tracked in your local county.
  • Now you can sit back, relax and follow us on Instagram @coloradomastergardeners
  • Thanks for applying!