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Master Gardeners enhance Colorado communities through outreach, education and environmental stewardship.

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Horticulture Training Without Volunteering

Adults interested in taking the Colorado Master Gardener (CMG) training without a volunteer commitment may enroll to audit the same courses in their local county. This option is the Certified Colorado Gardener program.


You’ll receive in-depth horticulture training provided by University faculty, staff, and specialists.

Our program’s training hybrid – meaning most courses are online or offered by live webinar (in-person when possible). The online content is dynamic, engaging, self-paced and includes integrated reading, videos, activities and quizzes. Courses are specific to Colorado’s unique (and challenging!) climate, soil, environment, insects, wildlife, and plants. Training can be a significant commitment or broken up into bundled courses by general topics. All courses include readings (online, no text required), homework, in-class (or live webinar) activities, labs and lectures.

Topics include: Soils & Amendments, Botany, Vegetables, Entomology, Integrated Pest Management, Plant Pathology, Diagnostics, Turfgrass Management, Weed Management, Science of Planting Trees, Tree Care, Mountain Gardening, Fruit Trees, Small Fruits, Pruning, Irrigation and other relevant subjects.

You’ll be expected to attend 80% of classes and pass the final exam (open book, open note, researching encouraged) with a 70% or better.


Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a Colorado Gardener Certificate.  However, because there is no subsequent volunteer commitment, participants do not become Colorado Master Gardeners.

The Colorado Gardener Certificate may be displayed in a place of business and used in business marketing. 


To register for audit the CMG Training (non-volunteer), first check with your local County Extension Office to see IF they are offering training and what the schedule of classes will be.

Once you’ve confirmed the training schedule, you can register online. REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. Check back in during Fall 2020 to register for Winter/Spring 2021 trainings or ask your local CSU Extension Office for an upcoming schedule.

Note: Space is limited. Completing registration does not guarantee space. Once you pay the required fee to your local county, they will confirm registration.

2021 fees will be $530. This course is comparable to a 4-credit class. In comparison, tuition for a four-credit class is $1,932.