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Master Gardeners enhance Colorado communities through outreach, education and environmental stewardship.

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CSU Co-Horts webinars




  • May 11 – 1:14:07
    • Why Leaves Turn Color When They’re Supposed to be Green, What’s Hot in the Jeffco Clinic Right Now, Container Gardening, Spring Turf Update
  • June 8 – 1:19:05
    • Leaf Spots – Be on the Look Out, Plan, Don’t Plunk, Turf Update, Jeffco Clinic Update
  • July 20 – 1:18:27
    • Current Turf Issues, Fruit and Veggie Problems, Jeffco Clinic Update, Tree Troubles from Sick Tree Day in Windsor, CO
  • August 17 – 1:29:22
    • Protecting Pollinators from Pesticides, Forest Management Myths Dispelled, Virtual Site Visit in Greeley, CO, Native Fruit


One Hour Wonders (CSU sponsored continuing education classes)