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Amur Chokecherry   arrow

Prunus maackii (proo’-nus makk’-ee-eye)
Family: Rosaceae, Rose

Key Steps


Amur Chokecherry leafLeaf: Egg-shaped or oval, 2-5 inches long. Finely, sharply toothed. Usually has two round knobby glands at top of petiole near the leaf base.

Bud: Dull, light brown, cone-shaped.

Leaf Scar: Oval, 3 bundle scars.

Bark: Cinnamon-coppery colored or reddish-brown and peels off.

Flower: White, numerous, on a 2-3 inch long central stalk.

Fruit: 1/5 inch diameter, black fruit on long central stalk.

Habit: Medium sized, rounded shade tree. 15-30 feet tall.