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Amur Maple   arrow

Acer ginnala (ay’-sir ji-nae’-la)
Family: Sapindaceae, Soapberry

Key Steps


Amur Maple LeafLeaf: Margins double toothed. 3-7 main veins. Red-orange autumn foliage early, for a short time.

Bud: Small, reddish-brown, several scales. Usually solitary. Shiny.

Leaf Scar: Horizontal line across stem, connecting narrow crescent-shaped leaf scars.

Stem: Thin, gray, hairless.

Bark: Grayish-brown.

Pith: Round, solid, pale.

Flower: Yellow-white, fragrant, small panicles. Blooms as the leaves appear.

Fruit: Double samara. Wings nearly parallel, in clusters. Fruit stalk may persist through winter.

Habit: Small ornamental tree or shrub. Either multi-stemmed and dense or may have a single trunk. Rounded canopy. 20 feet tall or less.

Culture: Does better with slightly acidic soil conditions and moderate to high moisture. Prefers full sun but tolerates part shade.