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Apple   arrow

Malus pumila (may’-lus pu’mill’-ah)
Family: Rosaceae, Rose

Key Steps


Apple leaf"Leaf: Egg-shaped. Toothed margin. Hairy, stout petiole. Leaf may have heart-shaped base. Usually soft and hairy, especially beneath.

Bud: Whitish, hairy. Blunt. Bud scales rounded.

Leaf Scar: Somewhat raised, narrow, slightly curved. Three bundle scars.

Stem: Hairy. Fruit spurs present (short, stubby branches). Sweet taste.

Bark: Gray, round, wide ridges that may spiral.

Flower: Pinkish-white blossoms. Flower stalk hairy.

Fruit: Apple, 3″ diameter.

Habit: Medium size, broad canopy. To 30 feet tall. Short trunk.

Culture: Moderate moisture requirement. Well drained, full sun.