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Bigtooth Maple   arrow

Acer grandidentatum (ay’-sir grand-eye’-den-tae’-tum)
Family: Sapindaceae, Soapberry

Key Steps


Big Tooth Maple LeafLeaf: 3-5 lobes, tips are blunt; dark green, shiny above, hairy beneath. Good fall color. Thick petiole.

Bud: Pointed, 1/16 inch long, red/brown. Outer scales hairy.

Leaf Scar: Narrow, almost meeting across the stem. Bands of long hair near the leaf scar.

Stem: Slender, bright red.

Bark: Dark brown, plate-like scales.

Fruit: Samara is rosy red in summer, green at maturity.

Habit: Irregular canopy. 20 feet tall by 15 feet spread. Native to moist streambed areas and canyon slopes. Slow growing. May occur as multi-stemmed shrubs in thickets.

Culture: Low moisture requirement once established.