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Common Chokecherry   arrow

Prunus virginiana (proo’-nus vir-gin-e-a’-na)
Family: Rosaceae, Rose

Key Steps


Common Chokecherry leafLeaf: Egg-shaped or oval, 2-5 inches long. Tiny, sharp pointed teeth. Hairless central vein. Two round knobby glands at top of petiole near the base of leaf.

Bud: 3/16 inch long, dull brown. Bud scales rounded at tips with gray margins. Terminal bud present.

Leaf Scar: Oval, 3 bundle scars.

Stem: Rank odor. No spurs, no thorns. Gray film. Stout, smooth, dull. Light colored.

Flower: White, creamy, 5-petalled. Round tipped blossoms on a long, central stalk. Fragrant.

Fruit: Reddish-purple to black, elongated clusters. Long central fruit stalk may remain through winter. Flesh of fruit edible. Seeds poisonous.

Habit: Single trunked small tree or multi-stemmed shrub. Suckers. To 15-25 feet tall.