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Eastern Wahoo   arrow

Euonymus atropurpureus (u-on’-uh-mus at-ro-pur-pu’-re-us)
Family: Celastraceae, Bittersweet

Key Steps


Eastern Wahoo LeafLeaf: Oval, long pointed tip, broadest from base to middle. Hairy beneath. Up to 5 inches long. Finely toothed

Bud: Small, green tinged with red. Hugs the stem. Broad at base, pointed tip. 5-6 scales.

Leaf Scar: Half round, 1 large bundle scar.

Stem: May be slightly 4 angled (squarish). Green, turning brown.

Pith: White, solid.

Flower: Dark purple, 4 petals, 6-18 flowered clusters in leaf axils. Blooms in May.

Fruit: 4-lobed capsule, similar to a Turkish cap, reddish-purple, drooping. Brown seed, red aril.

Habit: Small ornamental. Wide, flat-topped canopy. 10-15 feet tall.

Note: Leaves, fruits, and bark are extremely poisonous.