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English Oak   arrow

Quercus robur (kware’-kus roe-bur)
Family: Fagaceae, Beech

Key Steps


Englilsh Oak leafLeaf: Lobes rounded, some leaves having tiny lobes on each side of the base of leaf, resembling earlobes. Glossy, dark green above; blue-green beneath.

Bud: Bud scales are fringed with hairs. Plump, reddish-brown, angled.

Leaf Scar: Raised, half-round.

Stem: Shiny, reddish-brown, zig-zaggy.

Bark: Gray-black, deep vertical furrows.

Fruit: Acorn, 1 inch long narrow. Cup covers 1/3 of the acorn.

Habit: Broad, thick, spreading branches. 50 feet tall and wide. Dense canopy.

Culture: Full sun. Moderate soil moisture. Prefers well-drained soils. pH adaptable, but under 8.0 is preferred. Prone to iron chlorosis.