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Goldenrain Tree   arrow

Koelreuteria paniculata (kol-ru-te-re-a pan-ik-u-la’-ta)
Family: Sapindaceae, Soapberry

Key Steps


Golden Rain Tree LeafLeaf: Up to 14 inches long. Pinnately compound or bipinnately compound. Leaflets: 7-15, terminal leaflet present, lobed and/or coarsely and irregularly toothed. Hairy on veins underneath.

Bud: Small, roundish, brown, dull. Looks as though a football is “stuck” halfway into the stem, or like a “hershey kiss”. Two exposed scales. True terminal bud absent.

Leaf Scar: Large, raised, shield-shaped, 3 bundle scars.

Stem: Fairly stout, brown. Orange-brown lenticels.

Bark: Medium brown, not deeply furrowed.

Pith: Large, round, continuous, white.

Flower: Bright yellow, large, loose terminal panicle. Very showy in July.


Golden Rain Tree FruitFruit: Papery 3-valved capsule that opens up to release black hard seeds. Capsule may persist through winter. Starts out green in the summer and by late fall is rich golden brown.

Habit: Rounded canopy. Good small ornamental. Twisted branching pattern. 15-25 feet tall.

Culture: Low moisture requirement once established. Salt tolerant. Experiences dieback in cold winters.