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Japanese Tree Lilac   arrow

Syringa reticulata (suh-ring’-a ruh-tik-u-lae’-ta)
Family: Oleaceae, Olive

Key Steps


Japanese Tree Lilac LeafLeaf: Egg shaped. 2 to 5 1/2 inches long. Narrow tip, rounded or heart-shaped base. Smooth margin. Net-like venation. Dark green above, grayish-green beneath. Petiole to 1 inch long.

Bud: 4 pair of scales, brownish. True terminal bud may be absent.

Leaf Scar: Small, narrow, crescent-shaped.

Stem: Stout, shiny brown, lots of horizontal lenticels, like a cherry tree (only cherry leaves are alternate not opposite).

Bark: Reddish-brown

Flower: White, fragrant, very showy, up to 12 inches long terminal panicle; blooming early to mid June.

Fruit: 1/2 to 1 inch long warty capsule.

Habit: Small to medium ornamental. Spreading, round canopy. To 30 feet tall.

Culture: Moderate moisture requirement. pH adaptable. Full sun for good flowering.