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Key to Identifying Common Colorado Landscape Trees – 29   arrow

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  • 29a – Long, very sharply pointed lobes. Small round white pith. Smooth white bark. Branches weeping and slender — Cutleaf Weeping Birch


  • 29b – Lobes are short and rounded; margins of lobes are serrated. Pith is pale. Tiny red/blrown, shiny, hairless buds. Hairless stems — Thornless Hawthorn


  • 29c – Short, rounded lobes with serrated margins. Hair on tip of young stems and on tips of bud scales. Spur shoots (short, compacted branches) are present — Crabapple


  • 29d – Lobes are coarsely serrated.  Brown bark. Triangular pith.  Female catkin appears as a woody “cone”; male catkin is papery — Thinleaf Alder