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Lombardy Poplar   arrow

Populus nigra ‘Italica’ (pop’-u-lus ni’-gra i-tal’i-ka)
Family: Salicaceae, Willow

Key Steps


Lombardy Poplar leafLeaf: Triangular, often wider than long. Fine toothed. Flat petioles lack glands. Leaf margins are translucent.

Bud: Terminal bud not gummy. Lateral buds stick out. Reddish, elongated, curving outward. Lowermost bud scale is centered directly over the leaf scar of the lateral buds.

Stem: Round, smooth. Orange, changing to ash-gray the second year.

Bark: Thick, ridged and furrowed.

Flower: Usually only male catkins.

Fruit: None, usually no female plants.

Habit: Columnar. 10 feet wide up to 30-40 feet tall. Short trunk. Very fast growing and short-lived.

Culture: Prefers high moisture conditions.