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Norway Maple   arrow

Acer platanoides (ay’sir plat-a-noy’-deez)
Family: Sapindaceae, Soapberry

Key Steps


Leaf: Usually 5-lobed, blade as wise as it is long, 4-7 inches, dark green. Lobes are sharply pointed, coarsely toothed. Milky sap visible when fresh petiole is removed from stem. Hair in corners of veins beneath.

Bud: Large rounded terminal bud, purplish-brown, 4+ overlapping bud scales. Lateral (side) buds have 2-3 scales.

Leaf Scar: Edges of leaf scars meet around the stem, forming a right angle.

Stem: Stout, smooth, brownish.

Bark: Close, tight ridges.

Pith: Solid, white.

Flower: Inconspicuous, greenish-yellow; blooming profusely in April before leaves appear.

Fruit: Samara. Wings spread out completely to make a straight line, like a mustache.

Habit: Large, dense, shade tree. Spreading branches. Broad, round canopy. 40 feet tall by 30 feet wide.

Culture: Moderate soil moisture. Full sun. Good lawn tree. Leaves scorch with restricted root spread.

Cultivar Notes: The cultivars ‘Schwedleri’ and ‘Deborah’ are even darker green in summer, but start out purplish-red for 2-4 weeks in early spring. ‘Royal Red’ has maroon foliage all season. ‘Columnar’ is 50 feet high but only 20 feet or less wide, very columnar.Norway Maple leaf