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Peach   arrow

Prunus persica proo’-nus pur’-si-ka)
Family: Rosaceae, Rose

Key Steps


Peach leafLeaf: Long, narrow, very finely toothed. 3-6 inches long. Broadest at or slightly above the middle. Pointed tip. Shiny above. Paler and smooth below. May have glands on petiole. May have stipules.

Bud: Hairy, not sticky. Several bud scales. True terminal bud absent.

Stem: Smooth. Reddish above, greenish and grainy beneath. Stipule scars.

Bark: Dark reddish-brown, scaly.

Flower: Pink, 1 to 1 1/2 inches across, before leaves appear. Solitary on wood of previous year.

Fruit: Fleshy, hairy, 3 inch diameter, yellowish-red. Hard or bony stone. Each stone encloses a seed grooved on one side.

Habit: Spreading, low, broad crown.

Culture: Moderate moisture requirement. Full sun.