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Peachleaf Willow   arrow

Salix amygdaloides (sa’-liks a-mig-da-loy’-dez)
Family: Salicaceae, Willow

Key Steps


Peachleaf Willow leafLeaf: 2-6 inches long, 1 inch wide. Broadest below the middle. Dark yellowish-green, whitened beneath. Very long pointed, fine toothed, leathery. May have small, kidney-shaped stipules. Petiole very slender, may be twisted, no glands. Leaf may have large, yellow, central vein.

Bud: One bud scale. Egg shaped, shiny. Brown on top, light orange below. 1/8 inch long. Hugs stem. True terminal bud absent.

Leaf Scar: Narrow, nearly straight across. 3 bundle scars. Very small stipule scars.

Stem: Branches a little drooping. Shiny, yellow-orange or brown. Slender and smooth.

Bark: Blackish.

Pith: White, solid, small.

Flower: Yellow-green, hairy catkin, 1 inch long.

Fruit: Cottony capsule.

Habit: Not as weeping as Weeping Willow. Colorado native found along streambanks. 40-60 feet tall.

Culture: Moist conditions.