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Pyrus commonis (pi’-rus kom-mu’-nis)
Family: Rosaceae, Rose

Key Steps


Pear leafLeaf: Finely toothed or smooth margin, to 3 inches long. Broadly oval. Dark green. Nearly hairless underneath. May have wavy margin. Glossy. Short pointed. Long petiole.

Bud: Usually brownish. Terminal bud large, hairy, cone-shaped, pointed, with two smaller side buds. Bud scales short, pointed.

Leaf Scar: 3 bundle scars.

Stem: Nearly hairless, yellowish-green, stout. Inconspicuous lenticels.

Bark: Dark brown to gray, thick, scaly with shallow ridges.

Flower: Clustered on spurs. Hairy flower stalk.

Fruit: Large 2-4 inches long, to 3 inches wide. Green to yellow, pome.

Habit: Oval, medium sized. To 30 feet tall.

Culture: Moderate moisture requirement.