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Rocky Mountain Maple   arrow

Acer glabrum (ay’-sir gale’-brum)
Family: Sapindaceae, Soapberry

Key Steps


Rocky Mountain Maple leafLeaf: Three large main lobes, sometimes 2 smaller lower lobes. Middle lobe sometimes wide at base, sometime so narrow at base it divides and become a compound leaf. Margins of lobes coarsely serrate. Petiole smooth, thick, red, 1-6 inches long.

Bud: Red, pointed, 1/8 to 1/4 inch long.

Leaf Scar: Crescent-shaped.

Stem: Slender, smooth. Reddish or pale green when young. Gray when older.

Bark: Tight, thin, smooth, dark red-brown to gray.

Flower: Yellow-green in small clusters in early spring.

Fruit: Samara, two wings, each wing one inch long, reddish, hanging in clusters.

Habit: Can be multi-stemmed, small, clump-forming. Colorado native in foothills, montane, and streambanks.

Culture: Shade tolerant. Moderate moisture requirement.