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Salt Cedar   arrow

Tamarix hispida (tam’-a-riks his’-pa-da)
Family: Tamaricaceae, Tamarix spp.

Key Steps


Salt Cedar LeafLeaf: Alternate, small, scale-like and slightly hairy, deciduous. No petiole. Leaf clasps stem at leaf base. Foliage is juniper-like but deciduous.

Bud: Small, sessile, rounded, compressed against stem, solitary, 3 exposed scales.

Leaf Scar: Very tiny, barely visible.

Stem: Slender, elongated, round.

Pith: Small, round, solid. Situated off-center within the stem.

Flower: Perfect, rosy pink, dense, slender 1-3 inch long racemes which form large terminal panicles.

Fruit: Capsules, cylindrical clusters.

Habit: To 18 feet tall. Wispy, very fine texture. Deciduous and bare in winter.

Culture: Noxious weed. Extremely invasive in riparian areas.