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Staghorn Sumac   arrow

Rhus typhina (roos ti-fin’-a)
Family: Anacardiaceae, Cashew or Sumac

Key Steps


Staghorn Sumac LeafLeaf: Pinnately compound, 12-24 inches long. Leaflets: 11-31, 2-5 inches long, toothed all the way around, round base, long tapered tip. Petiole is very hairy, enlarged at base to encircle bud.

Bud: Hairy, surrounded by leaf scar.

Leaf Scar: U-shaped.

Stem: Very hairy, especially on new growth. Round, over 1/2 inch thick, very small lenticels. No line encircling stem at scar.

Pith: Large, consumes most of the diameter of the stem. Brownish-yellow.

Flower: Male: yellowish-red. Female: red. On separate plants.


Staghorn Sumac FruitFruit: Red, long, hairy spike-like, terminal upright clusters.

Habit: 15 to 20 feet tall. Open branching, resembling the horns of a male deer. Suckers.

Culture: Low moisture requirement.


Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina ‘Laciniata’) — Leaflets finely and deeply toothed.