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Sugar Maple   arrow

Acer saccharum (ay’-sir sak-kar’-um)
Family: Sapindaceae, Soapberry

Key Steps


Sugar Maple LealfLeaf: Bright green above, paler beneath. Lobes are almost smooth, few teeth, and the petiole does not yield a milky sap.

Bud: Slender, sharp pointed and brown. Six to eight paris of scales.

Leaf Scar: Narrow, crescent-shaped. Hair along upper edge of scar.

Stem: Glossy brown. Small lenticles.

Bark: Dark gray to grayish-brown.

Pith: Round, pale, solid.

Flower: Yellowish-green, 1-3 inches long panicles, blooming before leaves appear.

Fruit: Horseshoe-shaped double samara.

Habit: Large, dense shade tree. Spreading branches. 50 feet tall by 30 foot spread. Oval to round. Slow growing.

Culture: Prefers slightly acidic, well-drained soil and moderate moisture requirement. Typically show iron chlorosis (yellowing of leaf with veins remaining green) in alkaline soils. Leaves are susceptible to wind (leaf scorch) and hail damage.