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Weeping Willow   arrow

Salix babylonica (sa’-liks bab-i-lon’-i-ka)
Family: Salicaceae, Willow

Key Steps


Weeping Willow leafLeaf: Very narrow (1/2 inch wide), to 7 inches long. Finely toothed. Medium to dark green above, white or silky beneath. One main vein, other veins are parallel to each other, evenly spaced. Stipules may be present.

Bud: One bud scale, like a cap. True terminal bud absent.

Leaf Scar: Small.

Stem: Very long, slender, droopy, golden, round, smooth, shiny. Young growth slightly silky.

Bark: Corky, ridged and furrowed. Light brown.

Flower: Upright catkin.

Fruit: Cottony capsule.

Habit: Very weeping. Large, open, to 40 feet tall. Very fast growth and weak wooded.

Culture: Moist conditions.