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White Mulberry   arrow

Morus alba (mor’us al’-bah)
Family: Moraceae, Mulberry

Key Steps


White Mulberry leafLeaf: Some leaves are lobed, others are simply oval-shaped. Both types have toothed margins. Leaf is glossy green above. Leaf base may be uneven. Palmate venation, 3 main veins. Hairless except at veins beneath. Milky sap at petiole base.

Bud: 3-6 bud scales. Slightly hairy. Dark margin at top of each scale. Side buds tilted above leaf scar. True terminal bud absent.

Leaf Scar: Half round. Many tiny bundle scars.

Stem: Lenticels are prominent.

Bark: Young: ashy-orange. Older: brown.

Pith: White, solid.

Flower: Drooping catkins. Tiny, greenish, clusters in cylinder shape.

Fruit: Juicy berry, cylinder shape. White to pinkish, or even black. Edible only when ripe.

Habit: Large, dense, round canopy. Usually “messy” looking. To 40 feet tall.

Culture: Prefers well-drained, moist location. Salt tolerant.