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Master Gardeners enhance Colorado communities through outreach, education and environmental stewardship.

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Teaching CMG/CGC Training

Curriculum Units

Training Information for Students

  • Student Training Guide_2021 Coming soon
    • Contains course syllabus, reading list, homework and class notes.
  • Student Worksheet Packet 2021 Coming soon
    • Optional for students to print and utilize to accompany online classes and reviews.
  • CMG Course Syllabus_2021 
  • 2021 Training Tuition and materials


Training Guides for Coordinators

This section contains information you’ll need to coordinate in-person classes, labs, and online class reviews. For copies of the student worksheets – see the Training Information for students (above) or GardenNotes.

Course Links

Teaching CMG/CGC Training

Training courses are intended for trainees-only. These are Colorado Master Gardener Apprentice Volunteers (CMGA) and Colorado Gardener Certificate (CGC) students. CGCs are auditing the CMG Training, meaning they have not applied to volunteer, they are simply taking the training for the course content.

All students are expected to complete 100% of online courses, attend 80% of all trainings, and pass the final exam (offered online) with a 70% or greater. The materials on this site are guides meant to support your success as staff coordinating and implementing the courses. Feel free to edit some activities for local needs and provide horticultural examples specific to your area/region.

Curriculum Units – Instructor/Host Outlines, PowerPoint Files

Introduction to the Colorado Master Gardener Program

Diagnosing Trees


Herbaceous Plants: Right Plant, Right Place

There is no answer sheet for the homework, as the homework is site specific.

Identifying Insects and Entomology

Identifying Trees and Shrubs

IPM and the Diagnostic Process

Lawn Care – Turfgrass Management

Native Plants

Plant Pathology


Small Fruit

Soils, Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

PowerPoint Files

Video Clips (These are mp4 files to play in Windows Media Player. If you are experience with PowerPoint, they could be linked to your PowerPoint file or embedded into your PowerPoint file.)

Tree Planting – The Science of Planting Trees


Weed Management